Scott, otherwise known as Bill Slinnton is a music producer and DJ from Toronto, Canada with a passion for electronic music. His inspiration draws largely from the west coast music scene in Canada which is why when asked “what kind of music do you make?” he responds with “I make make west coast bass music” - a combination of west coast style hip-hop beats with the heavy trunk-thumping, immersive sounds of bass music.

Scott start the Bill Slinnton artist project in 2012 and has since played numerous local music festivals and opened for the likes of Stooki Sound, Troyboi, Electric Mantis, LAXX, iLL Gates and many more.

In 2019 he released his debut EP “The Campaign” which featured 5 tracks showcasing his unique approach to bass music. He is currently sitting on a mountain of unreleased works and is looking forward to a bright future in the music industry.

Bill Slinnton displays influence from artist such as SuperAve., Liquid Stranger, What So Not, Quix, Mythm, Zomboy, Mersiv, Oski, and Oakk.

Combining his passion for music, art and fashion Scott also has a clothing line (and future record label) titled Drip and Bass.